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The Northern Network is pleased to announce the official release of the video Route du Succès – North Bay, the fifth in our video series.



After Timmins and the Route 11 Corridor, passing through Temiskaming and Northwestern Ontario, the Road to Success makes a stop in North Bay. You will discover quality testimonials that will move many. Through this project, The Northern Network recalls one of the characteristics of its mandate, which is to ensure the economic, social and cultural integration of French-speaking immigrants into Canadian society and Francophone minority communities.

Created in 2020, this project aims to highlight the career and successes of Francophone newcomers to Northern Ontario. The Northern Network in partnership with various organizations, has created this tool in order to bring these success stories to our communities, but also beyond.

This project is funded by IRCC, but also by the City of North Bay, Century 21, Alliance Credit Union, Yes Jobs (DAWN program) and the Chamber of Commerce (RNIP). With the participation of the Nipissing Training Centre, Canadore College, Nipissing University, Unik theater and Compagnons francs loisirs.

Last November, Ontario’s Francophone Immigration Networks launched a strategy to combat racism and discrimination.

For the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, RIFO wishes to pursue this strategy by inviting you to information sessions for community actors to unveil the tools developed.

These sessions aim to build the capacity of community organizations and raise awareness about prejudice, systemic racism, discrimination and awareness of two phenomena that are often experienced in parallel: white privilege and white fragility.

Here are some words from Body Ngoy:

These sessions (only in french) are also an opportunity to discover the tools developed by Boxia and the Orleans Psychological Health Team , namely about 20 comic books and 3 video podcasts.

Two training dates* are scheduled: April 28 and May 5, 2022.

Mandatory registration on Eventbrite for the April 28 and May 5

*Other dates can be offered regarding the demand